What is radiometric dating yahoo answers

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The Bacteria survived despite the rock being sterilized at high temperature and washed with alcohol meaning it was extremely hardy indeed.

About 12 years ago a meteorite exploded above Canada and the fragments that were recovered from it revealed some interesting evidence that supports the Panspermia theory.

These drawings and paintings often depict humans descending to earth in ships and can be seen all over the world. So please join me for this exploration as we search for answers.So this really does beg the question: Are humans alien to this planet?In order for the Panspermia theory to hold any water, it needed to be shown that Bacteria could survive the harsh environment of deep space.Closed-ness is comforting to have, because it means that when you’re doing basic math, no matter how you jump you’ll always have somewhere to land. To “solve” this problem Euler decided to make up a new “number” called ““, with the property that , and complex numbers were born. may patch the problem with , but does it just give rise to a new problem when you try to figure out what is? You can check this by squaring it: Weirdly enough, there is absolutely no combination of roots/exponentiations or multiplications/divisions or additions/subtractions that can break out of complex numbers.Where the closed-ness of real numbers fail, complex numbers hold strong.

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